It’s Throwback Thursday, EVERYBODEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deep breaths, Kat. Deep breaths. Chill.

I’m a little excited, if you couldn’t tell. 🙂

Okay. Today, it’s STARS! Yeah, I’m a bit obsessed. Ever since I was little. Did you ever claim a star? Or (you’re probably going to write me off as a total fruitcake right now) name it?


Star Of Ashdod

I did. I have no idea which one it was now, except I think it was a really a planet (probably Jupiter, guessing from when it was in the sky), and I can’t even remember how to pronounce the name I gave it. I know it was something like Faerindeln (fay-AIR-in-dell-n)…

There’s something about stars that captures the imagination. I made up all sorts of lore about my star, even to a elf who lived on the star and did all sorts of things like the tooth fairy. Only, she twisted dreams out of her silver hair, which she would hide in a sleeper’s pillow. It was all elves for me back then.

Don’t make fun, but you can laugh. 😉

While Faerindeln and the elf are a thing of the past, stars still fascinate me. Stars symbolize a lot. Like the eagle representing freedom, stars symbolize many things. The wonder of the unknown. Possibilities. Hope. Beauty in the many.


Like stars, we each are unique and each have our own light to shine. Maybe we feel small in the universe, with so many other stars shining too, but we have a place all our own in this, our night sky. I mean, can you imagine Orion without Betelgeuse? Just wrong, I’m sorry… So you can’t have a world without you. Same.

People wish upon stars because they are so high and big and bright it seems they hold all sorts of possibilities. It’s the whole “I see the moon and the moon sees me, the moon sees somebody I’d like to see” thing. What if the stars could see you, hear your wish, see the object of your wish a few thousand miles around the planet, and by some mystic gravitational pull drive you and your wish unstoppably together. Some call it destiny. I call it really cool fantasy. (You could sooooo make a plot from that, don’t you think?? But then, destiny and plot and all that should be its own post)

Stars are fascinating. Yeah, I’m going in circles. They are awe-inspiring too, and (if the night’s not too cold) I can spend long minutes out in the backyard, staring at the stars. Star struck. Wow.

Okay, virtual stargazing over. I’ve been rambling on for a while, but I’ll shut up now. 😉 See ya!

~ Kat

Did you ever have “a star”? What kind of crazy things did you make up/imagine when you were a kid (or not!)?