Hey there, folks!

I was just poking around in my story stuff (reams of it… super fun time-waster habit of mine, revisiting old stories and trivia and info related to my stories and flipping through my archive of most-of-my-head-stories-ever-written… silly, I know), and I ran across this.

Honestly, I have to admit that I wrote this only 6 months ago. I liked it okay at the time, and it had good seeds, buuuut… it was missing something. My sisters push me sometimes to finish telling them (sorry, Rosie and Libbie!), but I always am wishy-washy. I don’t exactly want to resurrect that sad old rag.

Anywayyyyy… This is from a head story I called “Code of Conduct”, because if I am mediocre on a story it gets shortchanged in the creative name department. The lead had magical powers, as did all of “Cameron family blood” (she was a Cameron, from her father’s side, so while both she and her father had powers, her mother did not). Down through the generations of Camerons, they had passed these 10 points to live by, guidelines for the use of their powers. All Camerons memorized it, and since it played such a significant roll in the story, I wrote them all up. Not really anything fancy, just a rough draft.

Cameron Code

  1. Caution Be wary in the use of your powers. Do not use it simply for convenience or to elevate yourself. It is a gift, and not to be misused.
  2. Action A gift hoarded is a gift lost. If lives are on the line, if death is the penalty for hiding, if wrong unhindered is the cost of self-protection, then this is the moment for which our powers were given us. Act.
  3. Enemies Dr. Doyle is the long-time enemy of the Camerons’, but there are and will be others. They resent our gift because they do not have it, and this is the reason we cover our tracks. Beware of what an enemy might do to become like you.
  4. Friends Friendship is a wonderful thing, but it is also dangerous. A friend should be comfortable with you having a secret they don’t know, and should never begrudge not being told. Such is true friendship.
  5. Trust Implicit trust is a treasure not to be undervalued. Think twice about what you say and do, no matter how well you know the person. If ever you feel ready to fully trust another with your life, be sure you’re right, then trust wholeheartedly and don’t look back.
  6. Family Camerons work best when working together. When the world falls down on you, remember you have a family, and always will, no matter where you go.
  7. Glory Honest Camerons do not seek it for themselves. What right do we have to hold our gifts over the heads of others? Can we claim the glory of creating our unique powers? It is a gift, meant to be shared.
  8. Love Danger lurks even in this beautiful flower. Keep your mind clear of its blinding bewitchments. Even the most gilded trappings may hide a poison heart. Remember that with love comes trust, so be careful and aware.
  9. Secrecy It is a necessity that we keep our powers hidden. Some would welcome us with eager interest, but most would be frightened and many would want to study us like strange artifacts in a museum. You must keep it quiet if at all possible, but not at the cost of action in a time of need.
  10. Truth Hold fast to the truth as a strong refuge, and never let go. The truth can never betray you; lies will only entangle your ways and blind your perception. Speak it with skill and discernment, and you will have little to fear. Remember “what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”, but “the truth will set you free.”

So that’s it. I love reading old stuff I’ve written and just shaking my head. 🙂 Just thought I’d share.

~ Kat