Hello there, folks!

I was going to post a Concept Meets Girl (stay tuned for that – it’ll still be coming down the pipes 😉 ), but I’ve had a rough few days. I’ve been an emotional sleep-deprived wreck, actually. So. Mood issues. Yeah.

Anyway, in one of those cracks in a moment that random thoughts creep through, I remembered this. I wrote them up awhile ago; again, random ideas seeping into my mind. They are phrases/sentences that have a word in them that, if misspelled (like a typo, say), would conjure the completely wrong picture, and a funny one too most of the time. I called them “Mistakes That Change The Word”.  Just a little something. 🙂 (The top one in each pair is the “right” one 😛 )

Mistakes that change the word
Mistakes that change the world

He counted his losses a gain
He counted his losses again

He was caught in the current!
He was caught in the currant!

“This is my right!” He declared
“This is my rite!” He declared

This tea is a funny color
This tee is a funny color

“I can’t get head or tail of it!”
“I can’t get head or tail off it!”

With each time he flaunted it, the fish tale got bigger
With each time he flaunted it, the fish tail got bigger

The flower was a deep saffron and smelled of summer dreams
The flour was a deep saffron and smelled of summer dreams

Wanna beer?
Wanna bear?

“How many karats is this gold worth?”
“How many carrots is this gold worth?”

“He’s perfect for the job!”
“He’s prefect for the job!”
She lifted the casement and looked around
She lifted the basement and looked around

He pressed and waited
He, Preston, waited

Some of them, as you may have noticed, are auditory mistakes, which lest you think no one makes those kind of typos, it’s lil’ ol’ Kat here’s main stumbling block. I hear the words in my head and it triggers the typing like a keystroke. So I’m always making mistakes like “vein” instead of “vain” (true story!), “would/wood”, “passed/past” (always!), “flower/flour”, “pair/pear/pare” and so on. And I really did used to think “karat” was actually spelled “carrot”… Yeah, the ignorance of youth, let’s pretend. 🙂

So that’s my little random bit. Thanks for stopping by!

~ Kat