Of true writing. In me, that is. πŸ˜‰

Okay, unspin the world like 2,000 orbits of the sun. Or maybe while you’re at it throw in a thousand or two more. I’ve been… “writing” for as long as I can remember. But it looked like this:

A Princess walks across the screen of my imagination. Ooh ooh OOH! I know, I know! “Tragically, her parents had been killed in the battle [wait, WHAT?! What battle? How did they both manage to get finished off??] and (our Princess, I don’t want to bother with naming her) was left to look after the kingdom.” Of course, that bad guy still has to be dealt with, but that’s easy enough. The Princess can shoot him with an arrow (because of course she’s an amazing archer) from the roof of the tower. And I won’t bother with filling in the background, well, a little about who the bad guy is and why they’re fighting him, and I won’t bother with wrap-up. Taa-daa! That was awesome!

So yeah, officially not writing. I call these “lace” stories, stories that as inspired by a scene that pops into my head. I finish the scene, flesh out the significant details (bad guy, battles, sometimes reasons), and then leave the much-holed, only half-begun story behind and do another. I still do them, but only like for fun, or when an idea floats by that I explore out of curiosity but know I won’t get anything worthwhile out of it. They end up like a tattered piece of lace.

Such stories never made “The Archive”, a system instituted in 2011 when my “good stories” I was trying to keep track of was getting too hard to remember in my head. “Good stories” were judged on the plot quality (whether it was there or not) and how much I liked it. Stories I liked that had plot were filed, and those that didn’t faded into the shadows of history.

So… Anyway. My measure of “good enough for archive” hasn’t changed, but my writing has improved. I write stories from beginning-to-end. I have since one revolutionary story called “The Staldorian War”. I learned so much from writing that one, it shook my writing world to its foundations and from the ruins I rebuilt my writing world to what it is today.


Introducing… (dramatic drumrolls, please πŸ˜› )

In celebration of 5 years of “real” writing,Β by which I meanΒ stuff I count worth the time I took to write it πŸ™‚ , I’m going to be posting little synopsizes of some of my finished and Archived stories. Sometimes for Throwback Thursday, maybe sometimes not. I’m not sure how long I’ll do it; just for as long as I feel like it. πŸ™‚ First up, how could I not revisit the head-shaker story that showed me the real potentials of writing? Stay tuned for The Staldorian War.

Celebrating 5 years on this Throwback Thursday! πŸ˜‰

~ Kat