Bald eagle with American flag, focus on head (clipping path)

I mean, whhaaaat?? I didn’t do a Holiday Post for, like, the biggest holiday for Americanos like me??

I left you hanging on Ancient Fire

I was so mean, I didn’t even say hello on the 5th…

I’ve been MIA from my blog for the last several days, as any of you regulars can attest. πŸ™‚ But you see, I have these friends who are friends with a pyromaniac (it’s all their fault, right?), and the last two years I’ve been helping them set up for a show at a park in their town. It is so cool, but it’s very involved and we work the 2nd-4th of July to get ready.


This is the whole spread… pretty cool, huh? This was my first year actually being able to handle the fireworks as you have to be 18 to touch Product. These are so way not your average fire-home fireworks. Like those bad boy six inch shells (you can see them in the above picture on the rack all the way to the right and farthest away) could so way more than kill you if it blew up. You would be dead before you started dying.

You also have to be over 18 to fire the show off. My friends (the ones who got me connected with the pyro in charge of this show), well some of them, have fired the show before. Sooooo jealous!!


This doesn’t really capture it, but the lake at the park where the show was set up was GORGEOUS! Breathtaking beauty. I just wanted to dive in and just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. I’m a bit of a fish at heart, meaning that I adore water. I did a bit of wading on the Fourth, but not much. And of course, I had firework-y business to attend to.

All that to say, I’ve been messing around with explosives instead of writing. And loving it. But it only happens once a year, so don’t worry that it’ll become a habit. Writing = my life. That will never change. But there are times, when I have a good excuse, and I can play around with the big guys and the dangerous stuff and have a blast (pardon the pun). πŸ˜› I’ll be around this week probably with Ancient Fire. Yeep! I’m bursting to write more and share more of what I have planned!! It gives me goose bumps, thinking about all I’m going to do with it and that I’m actually SHARING IT! With people. Other than my family. EEEEEEEP!! Double goose bumps!

Annnyywaaayyy… See ya later, and good luck to those of you participating in my Mirrors story contest!

~ Kat