Remember my obsession with stars? I have like 10 stories whose titles involve stars. Officially obsessed.

In this one, I was experimenting with more of the paranormal/spiritual side of “powers“, prophecies, demons (“shades”), etc.

I also was having fun… borrowing. Names, mostly, from other books/things. For example, what would a star-story be without a star’s name appearing? Cygnus (I used a star map to name hunt 😛 ) was the lead’s personal fencing instructor, as well as being the reputedly greatest, if rather aged, swordsman in the world. The lead’s name was Tamriel, stolen borrowed from the Elder Scrolls game Skyrim. Lindir was her native kingdom and Mzarbl was the enemy kingdom’s capitol, both names taken from Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings (though I tailored Mazarbul to my own spelling liking in Mzarbl 😛 ). Oh, and Lindir’s capitol city was named Casablanca… I kind of let myself go crazy. 🙂

So Aladdin (yes, another name… borrow) is this demon-ghoul-dragon-Balrog monster. In ancient days, a different Tamriel got on his wrong side (which wasn’t hard), and he imprisoned her in a perfectly spherical black stone he made for the purpose. People don’t remember that in our Tamriel’s time. They do remember the story of a stone called Tamriel that had great magical power (because the girl originally had powers before she was trapped in the stone), and a man named Gamaliel who used its power to defeat Aladdin and banish him to his own planet. But now he returns, and our Tamriel (long story short) finds the stone Tamriel where it’s been hidden. But she gets captured by the Dymaadi (the bad guys who serve Aladdin and are controlled by shades, at least Aladdin’s troops/subordinates are) before she can escape. She is helped to escape by a warrior named Falin who joins her band of resisters (Aladdin at this point has already taken control of Lindir and Dymaadi, the two major kingdoms). Falin brings her the key to free Tamriel from the stone, which she does. Aladdin descends on her as she is doing it and Tamriel of the stone, in fear that she will not be freed in time to face and defeat Aladdin, binds her power to Tamriel the lead as she did with Gamaliel. She does get free, but unfortunately finds out too late the even free, her powers are bound to the other Tamriel. She dies as a result from the battle (but after being essentially forwarded 100 years into the future, she was, as she said, “glad to go”), but Tamriel of Casablanca kills Aladdin. Everything gets put back together, and Cygnus advises Tamriel to keep her new powers a secret, which she does, though she uses to help those in trouble (and in a sequel used it to save Cygnus from pirates… one of my early appearances 😉 ).

I wrote down these lines of the Legend of Tamriel (the story of Gamaliel banishing Aladdin with the magic of Tamriel) after they kind of flowed by themselves in my mind. I liked the irony that the lines point out.

For though it was forged of Aladdin,

Aladdin had sought to destroy it.

And though it was forged of Aladdin,

Gamaliel it had served.

And though it was forged of Aladdin,

Aladdin it had brought down.

I wish I could remember the rest of this prophecy/riddle. I wrote it at night (as usual… I do most of my head stories as I drift off to sleep), and the next morning I could only remember these two lines.

Alas for the days when Tamriel walked free

Tamriel still lives, but she lives within me

It was prophecy that gave Tamriel the clue to figure out where the stone Tamriel was hidden.

Both of these have gotten me into those awkward situations… Have you ever had those? Where you want to quote from something you wrote but then that’s weird? Or you have a line running through your head and you can’t place it, only to discover later you wrote it?? Yeaaahh…

So that’s it for Throwback Thursday, folks. Have an awesome weekend!

~ Kat