So here it is. The end of July. And with the end of the month comes the close of my Mirrors story contest. I was so pumped. So excited to read all the little things other people had written about my picture. This was the pinnacle of my dream (not counting the barely-even-on-the-radar dream of publishing, ha!), to turn around and fire the next generation. To share the passion I had, to kindle and coax a flame that has burned in me. To come full circle. It was my dream.

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I expected a handful of entries. My beyond-wildest-dreams goal was a dozen or two.

I knew, starting off, anything could happen, and I needed to be mentally prepared for either extreme, no entries or snowed in by entries. I’m glad to say I was prepared. When I woke up the morning of the 1st of August and checked my email…

Nothing. I was disappointed, my excitement deflated like an old balloon. But I had already come to terms with that possibility.

Next year, I’ll do this again. And the year after. I have no idea how long I’ll be able to maintain it, but I have no intention of stopping for the foreseeable future. I’m going to keep hosting an annual story contest even if no one enters in it.

I have a dream. I’ve started in pursuit of it. And I’m going to continue.

What is your dream?

All those who have accomplished great things have stood on that cliff of failure, having attempted much, been scoffed at by doubters, made a last stand, and are about to fall. Are you standing there? Are you afraid to start out because you know you will reach that point? It is the hour of the doubters to point and mock, but they will be silenced in fear and wonder when you are swept up on eagle’s wings and borne aloft and you reach your dream.

A leap of faith and a dream to carry you forward. Don’t be afraid to live your dream. Don’t be afraid to pursue it.

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Dreaming with you!

~ Kat