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September 2015

Monday Meme #8

Thank you, Einstein.


Fairytale… Gone Wrong!

I had the opportunity to try out a MacBook today, and because the keyboard and everything associated with writing/typing is one of the most important things to me when it comes to computers, I wrote a sample story to test... Continue Reading →

Ancient Fire

Continued... (for a full list of the parts to Ancient Fire, click here) (Previously: Lottie met Elad the Werewolf and told him her whole story) Chapter 5 “Wow.” “That’s all you have to say?” Lottie asked. “Wow?” “I think that pretty... Continue Reading →

Monday Meme #7

As a bonus meme for the Lessons Movies Teach Us, Barbie has some words of wisdom from Toy Story 3.

Phone Lock Screen Memes

(Note: these memes are as much for you guys as for me. I don't know if they'll fit your phone screen, but please feel free to save any you want and use them. 🙂 ) I have a hard time... Continue Reading →

Famous Last Words

Those of you who have read my About More Than I've Been page will get the irony. Warning! This is not a lifestyle blog, nor is it a faith blog, nor a food or art or yoga or dog or... Continue Reading →

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun…

Am I dating myself singing Raffi?? And does anyone else think that the expression "dating yourself" sounds like you have a serious twisted form of bi-polar narcissism and you're taking yourself out for dinner?? Never mind. What I'm trying to... Continue Reading →

Monday Meme #6

For those of you who have watched The Lego Movie, you will recognize the caption as a line that Batman says after he returns from hanging out with Han Solo and Chewbacca and company. And for those of you who... Continue Reading →

If Seeing Is Believing…

How often we say "if I'd seen, I would've believed!", when in truth we ought to say "if I'd believed, I would've seen!".

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