April Fools! It’s not Thursday! Wake up, Kat!

It’s not April either. Oh well.

The point is, I meant to do this yesterday, but I was a little busy. So I’m squeezing it before the Humane Society. 😉

I realized the other day that I haven’t done one of these in f.o.r.e.v.e.r… Good excuses for digging up old stories and dusting them off and sharing them with you guys. But today I have something bigger planned than a regular old story. I’m going to talk about a series I wrote (yes, I hate writing series as a general rule, but I was just can’t-stop-won’t-stop with this!). It marked a turning point in my story writing trends. It has effected me to this day, and changed the way I work. It still (since 2013) is one of those things I look back on and go “I invented that? That. Was. Incredible!”. I loved writing this series and working with the characters, but I didn’t want my creation to catch what I affectionately call “Redwall syndrome” (those of you who have read this series will understand, but this is a 21 (? +?) book series, and they are pretty much all variants on the same plot). So after 6 stories, I laid it to rest, laid a world, an organization, an era, to rest in the archives. I promised myself I wouldn’t never let myself write another story in the series, but I would have to make a really, really good case to myself if I was going to.

I was going to save this, but I was burning to talk about it, and after all, a gift hoarded is a gift lost, right? 😛 Because this is so special to me, and because it’s 6 stories long, and because I did a lot of development with my world and people etc., I’m going to make this a multi-part series. And so, I’m excited to introduce to you…

The Rebels!

I invented them when I was tired of my elves and wanted change. I was casting about for inspiration; I had literally no idea where to turn, having done elves (in various incarnations, from fairylike to goddesslike) for like almost 10 years. Something made me think of Ninjas, and (because I can’t keep my hands off of anything) I invented my own group, inspired by and faintly reminiscent of Ninjas, but very different.

Some Rebel basics:

  • Rebels live and are founded in the kingdom of Kole, and are mostly comprised of natives.
  • They wear all black, even to masks and gauntlets, and stealth and sabotage are their strength and where they shine. Open combat is more dangerous, because while their garb is treated and reinforced to provide minor protection, it isn’t armor and its focus is to be lightweight, durable, and full enough to allow free range of motion without encumbering the wearer.
  • They fight with long knives, dual wielded, and kept in arm sheaths hidden under their sleeves. The Rebel knives are legendary being secretly made specially for the Rebels by a renowned smith. (It is said) that the Rebel knives never loose their edge and are sharp enough to cut stone. Safe to say, the knives have not suffered in the telling, but take it or leave it as you see fit. 😉
  • The Rebels make their headquarters on top of a mountain (bump 😛 ) in Kole, and no one dares to go closer than sight unless absolute necessity drives. It is since called the Rebel Mountain.
  • As you may have guessed, the Rebels are greatly feared, even by the time the first story begins, 11 years after their formulation. People accuse them of anything from murder to sorcery, and none of it’s true.
  • The Rebels were formed from a gang of boys, headed up by Johann and Rupurt. They now lead the Rebels.
  • The total number of Rebels in the organization is kept a secret from all but a chosen few. It is guarded religiously, and is considered an honor beyond measure to be entrusted with The Number. Only Johann and Rupurt know The Number.
  • The Rebels are not technically a “rebellion”. They are dedicated to serving the true king of Kole. And if there is an imposter on the throne… they will fight him.
  •  They possess a signature sense of humor – dry and sarcastic. They say you catch it like a disease from spending too much time as a part of them.

Now you know a little about them. In the first story, The Rebel, I introduce you to the Rebels through the eyes of the lead, Wystaria (whi-STAR-ee-uh). I’ll go more deeply into the story itself in the next part, so stay tuned!

Sneak peek: The ruling king is a traitor, the Rebels are searching for the real heir, and Wystaria is being hunted down by the (also treacherous) steward’s men. She will find herself unexpectedly tangled up with the last people she intended to be, and joining in the race against time.

See you later, with more Rebels and (hopefully soon!) more Ancient Fire!

~ Kat