I was working on a post of Ancient Fire yesterday, and planned to finish it today. But that changed when my knee decided to try and punch through the concrete floor of our garage via a spectacular fall and crash landing. Much to its disappointment, my knee discovered that concrete floors usually win such battles. Now, thanks to the wonders of ibuprofen, my pain is gone and so is my concentration. I needed something less brainy and more therapeutic, something to take my mind off my complaining knee.

So I memed. Yes, I just made that into a verb. I don’t know what made me do it, but I started making movie-themed memes, mostly based off of the message of the movie, but not always. And I included most of my favorite movies, but there are other ones too. Some of them are funny and some are serious. Here’s the ones I’ve made so far.


FontCandy (48)

Race To Witch Mountain

FontCandy (51)

Batman Begins

FontCandy (52)


FontCandy (29)


FontCandy (53)

Meet The Robinsons

FontCandy (54)

The Lego Movie

FontCandy (55)

Star Wars (A New Hope)

FontCandy (56)

So that’s it; from Elsa to Han Solo, these characters and these movies teach us valuable life lessons, from being strong to ending awkward phone calls. Hope you guys have an awesome rest of your Labor Day weekend!

~ Kat