To the thousands of voiceless heroes: may your memory never fade nor your sacrifice be forgotten.

To those of us who carry on the legacy: may we never forget where we stand or why, and never let the freedom be stolen from us that was so dearly bought.

We are a breath, a moment, a line in the ever-growing story of life. We are only a scene, on stage for a beat. May we not be remembered for what we didn’t do, but for what we did. May we be remembered for standing against what is wrong, standing where thousands have stood before us, ready to live, ready to die, ready to do what must be done.

And in all this, may we still hold on to “the greatest of these”. May we never become so absorbed in subduing our enemies and holding our ground that we become machines of vengeance. May we hold on to love – love for life, for our dear ones, for the beautiful world God had made, for all the little gifts that flood our lives, for every precious moment we get to breathe. May we never lose sight of what is important. And never forget that while we fight our enemies, we are not like them. As it is so well-captured in Batman Begins;

(Ra’s Al Ghul) “Your compassion is a weakness your enemies will not share.”

(Batman) “That’s why it’s so important. It separates us from them.”

May we never forget what we stand for, and what separates us from them, and that both war and peace have their places. May we move forward, shaped by the past but not chained to it, remembering the fallen and building from their sacrifice, loving and living all the more because death is real and now we remember and tomorrow we or our loved ones might be gone.

We can’t choose our circumstances or the times in which we live, but we can choose what we do with them and how we live because of it.

Like the phoenix, like the dandelion, we can rise from the ashes to a brand new beginning, to rebuild, to take hold of what we believe in with a new passion and ferocity. And may we never forget…

Find Something You Would Die For

~ Kat