Those of you who have read my About More Than I’ve Been page will get the irony.


This is not a lifestyle blog, nor is it a faith blog, nor a food or art or yoga or dog or photography blog… it’s focus is writing… But no yoga. I don’t do yoga.

This is a confession – I now do yoga. For exercise. Embarrassing, I know.

I laughed with the best of them. Yes, I did. I thought them a fad. The sort that comes and goes with the changing of the wind. Like Zumba, or “spin” classes. Yoga… That’s what hippies and gym moms do. Not me.

But after a soft tissue injury in my arm and months of battling back to normal life, I came to the realization a couple of moths ago that my form of exercise was not working for me. I didn’t enjoy it (it was definitely a checkbox!) and it would be a very long time before it would be wise to take it back up as a regular thing. So I began exploring alternate solutions… and ended up in yoga. I checked DVDs out from the library, watched free tutorials online, and learned the moves. I put them together in my own routine or do practices I like from the web.

And I don’t laugh anymore, because yoga is fun and has helped to progress in so many areas where I’d plateaued before, and because it has taught me not to judge a workout by its stereotype.

Famous last words… I’m not going to say there will not be yoga on this blog (like I so foolishly did earlier ^^), but I can tell you that there will probably be very little. 🙂 I have no plans to start a “yoga routines” section of any kind, especially since I am not a licensed instructor were I even inclined to do so. So you can rest assured that I won’t suddenly go all yogi on you.

I just felt compelled to confess. And let you share in the humor. “I don’t do yoga”. Very funny. I wonder how else I’ve put my foot in it that I’ll have to extract later? 😛

Have an awesome and fantastic weekend!

~ Kat