These last few days I’ve been trying to find a few precious/delightful things every day in an attempt to bolster my emotional state. This morning while at a friend’s house, this one in particular struck me.
“I look so beautiful!”
My little girlfriend who said this is 3 years old. Coming while I’m in the middle of reading I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn’t) by BrenΓ© Brown, a book on women and shame, the remark jumped out at me. We have such a hard time accepting ourselves and our own unique beauty. But this little 3-year-old, after getting a cute shirt and pair of shoes on and her hair done, was so delighted with the result that she shamelessly exclaimed, “I look beautiful!”. Part of me doesn’t want her to ever grow up so that she’ll never experience the struggles with self-acceptance that she is so free of now. 😏
I almost wish I was as oblivious to the culture’s standards of “beauty” as she is, as comfortable with myself as she is with herself (and she is pretty darn cute, by the way! 😜). Am I really jealous of a 3-year-old?? I wish I could be as shameless as she is here. She is certainly an inspiration. And adorable. πŸ˜„
Have an awesome weekend, you guys!
~ Kat