Where’s my brain?! I caaaann’t think!! It’s flown right out the window… If you see it, please return it to me.

I completely forgot that yesterday was Monday. I’ve been spun in circles all week and can’t keep anything straight. But one thing I do know (and I hope I can keep enough sense to manage it)…

NaNoWriMo is here! Well, next Sunday it will be here. I’m sooooooooooo pumped!!!!

If you’ve never heard of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and you have any interest in writing a novel, I would highly recommend you check it out. It gives you a jump start to writing your full novel, and once you’ve done that, (I, at least) found the confidence to write more and to achieve… I don’t know if that makes sense, but once you’ve written your first full novel, you learned so much from that experience, the second one comes easier… and before you know it, you can write like a madman. Sort of. This isn’t even really coming close to capturing what I’m trying to say, so all I can say is if you have any interest in writing a novel, you might want to at least seriously consider doing it sometime. πŸ™‚

Anyway, so my novel for this year is…

The Dragon Pendant

I can’t wait for November 1st to get started! I’ll be posting motivational quotes and stuff during November and (maybe, if I have time) other posts too. I might (I haven’t decided for sure) post snippets of The Dragon Pendant. What are your thoughts? Should I?

Have you done NaNoWriMo before? What is your novel for this year?

~ Kat