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November 2015

Monday Meme #16

Yay! NaNoWriMo is over, you have a whole novel on your hands, and you can finally sleep again... But then, of course, you have a whole novel's worth of material to revise... and revise... and rework, and throw out the... Continue Reading →


NaNoWriMo Winner!!

As of less than an hour ago, I have officially finished NaNoWriMo! Despite having technically finished The Dragon Pendant several days ago... And despite having grave doubts about whether I would be able to... So here I am, the startled... Continue Reading →

Five Random Things I’m Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving, folks! I hope you're having an awesome day, maybe hanging out with family and friends over turkey, or chilling with pizza an a movie. 🙂 I just want share five (completely random) things I'm grateful for. 1. Senses... Continue Reading →

Ancient Fire

For my Grandma, who loves this story. You are strong, and you are never fighting alone. "The God of angel armies is always by your side". Continued... (for a full list of the parts to Ancient Fire, click here) (Previously:... Continue Reading →

Motivational Quotes, Version 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0

I hope this post finds you all inspired and invigorated! But if not, or you could use a little more magic in your life, I have some quotes to share that help inspire me and push me forward.   "Where... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo Update: Is That Bad?

Hello again, everyone! So, this is my promised update post, which I was supposed to make 3 days ago. But oh well. I've been kinda busy, ya know? Thanks for understanding! 🙂 I've written about 41,600 words total so far.... Continue Reading →

The Dragon Pendant Snippet #3

Hey folks! I know I'm overdue for an update (working on that), but meanwhile I'm dropping in with another snippet from The Dragon Pendant. 🙂 Gotham deals with wizard attacks (who are surprised to find that on Earth they have... Continue Reading →

Monday Meme #15

Right about now, nothing seems really altogether certain in your world, except for this one truth: And you're pretty convinced of it. If anything ever was the "Circle of Life", it has to be this. Especially since right now, your... Continue Reading →

Dealing With The Gremlins Sucking Your Steam

(My second pep talk posted in the forums... "Kill The Gremlins") Hey, Wrimos! I just want to share my top tricks for handling the gremlins that sabotage my writing time. #1: Write a Dear Gremlin Letter That little gremlin whispering... Continue Reading →

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