How many people think THIS should be a NaNoWriMo tee shirt?? I got this in one of their emails a year or two ago, and love it! #MyLife (especially right now 😀 )

Confession: I am not a normal Wrimo. I have never stayed up late to crank out the rest of my word count, or lost sleep over my novel at all (that I can think of. Maybe one nightmare?). I haven’t drunk a single coffee to power me through (though that’s not surprising, considering my opinions on coffee), though maybe a few Coke Zeros. Coke Zeros = my version of coffee. My first year I was getting my wisdom teeth out on November 22nd so I had to finish my novel by then. (Thanks to my family, both years!) I got the 57,000 word (horrible) novel done by the 19th. The second year, I clocked in with 51,000 on the 20th (when “winning” begins) and a total of 75,500 by the 30th. <- NOT A NORMAL WRIMO! I don’t have a life in November. I have the freedom in my situation to say “here fam, take this, and this, and this, and this. Thanks. See you in December. And life… you go over and sit in this box until I’m ready for you. Okay, computer, let’s go!”. But this year, things are different…

So this month I have a lot going on. By which I mean. a LOT. Like, I’m wondering if I’m really crazy to even think about trying to squeeze in NaNoWriMo with it all. So instead of like in previous years (I’ve been doing this since 2013) when I tried to write 2,000-4,000 words a day BARE MINIMUM, I’m going for the more reasonable daily goal – and the daily goal NaNoWriMo automatically sets for you – of 1,667 words a day. Weekend sprints. Late night crashes. Caffeine. Craziness. My family isn’t available this year to cover for me in daily tasks and such as they have the last two years, and actually we are short on hands. So I’m trying to do more than I normally do, as in non-November normal. And write 50,000 words. Crazy? Not crazy? I’m not sure anymore…

My progress so far:

Beginnings are always hard and slow for me. I’m still feeling out the story, exploring the characters on paper instead of in my head as it’s been before November, and getting the hang of the whole lean-mean-word-machine gig again, harder this year than before since I’ve spent so much time slow-writing in between Novembers. But I’ve given the whole introduction to the concept, and things are beginning to liven up. So far I’ve written 1,716 words. First 950 words = 2 hours straight to churn out. The next 780 words = 40 minutes. Warming up. 🙂

I’ve decided that I’m going to post excerpts as I go along according to my discretion. When I’m finished, I’ll give you the whole novel (in installments). So, read as you will and at your own risk. 😀

And if you want an idea of what it’s all about anyway, here’s my synopsis. And I’m a horrible synopsis-writer. 😐 Ug.

The Dragon Pendant

The Dragonborn. The one foretold. The one to come. The fate-changer. The Pendant-bearer. The Dragonborn. – The Dragonborn Prophecy

In Earth’s sister world, events foretold are converging. Only the impossible, the prophesied and unknown only Dragonborn, can end the Apocalypse now raging wild. What could a strange girl with no magical gifts have to do with it all? Only a dying man and a cunning wizard guess the truth.

Ebony Xin likes living behind the curtain. A quiet girl of fifteen, she doesn’t choose the spotlight, and no one really notices her. Until now.

On her birthday, her parents give her a strange blue-green pendant that her father has worn all her life. They tell her a strange story of magic and warfare, of treachery and loss. From the moment she took the pendant, something inexorable is set in motion, something terrifying and powerful, something that will shake Ebony’s whole world to its foundations.

She knows she has an uncanny intuition. She knows her family was never strictly normal. She knows she has a brother she has never met. But here, now, these things are blossoming into strange power, and beyond. And here, now, in this place where it all meets, it tangles with magic, betrayal, fear, hope, and destiny in a way she could never have imagined.

Ebony must do what has never before been done, and be what has never before been. When she loses everything she has, she can gain the impossible. Time is rushing to its end, and Ebony is now calling into question all she once held sure. She must find her purpose and fulfill it before it is too late. Not just for her, but for the world – for both the worlds.

When the sky rips, men know to be afraid. When the stars dance, anything can happen. And now, they say, the stars are dancing as never before.

So there you go. Oh, and by the way, if you read the snippets I post and you spot an Easter egg, it’s probably on purpose because I can’t help myself somehow. And Dragonborn? No, this isn’t fanfic for the videogame Skyrim. It was accidental (though I did know of Dragonborn from Skyrim before my “Dragonborn Prophecy” and all that in The Dragon Pendant), but what ARE you supposed to name a person of destiny significant partly because they were born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon??? Thank you; Dragonborn. I knew you’d understand. 🙂 But the mysterious, odd, cryptic, seemingly crazed wizard Ohbi Whan? Absolutely, totally, 110% on purpose.

Happy noveling! helmet

~ Kat