Hey folks!

I’m in from the noveling front with some noveling frontish thoughts. 😀

There is the eternal conundrum of how to start your novel. Of course, there’s the whole “first scene” difficulty, but what about founding principles? What building blocks make really good basic pieces for constructing your story (like those 2×4 Lego bricks)?

I try to stop myself, to not get stuck in the one-trick-pony trap, but one thing I often bring in (especially in a certain class of my stories) is prophecies. Here’s a good example:

One day, a talented lass or fellow,

a special one with face of yellow,

will make the Piece of Resistance found

from it’s hiding refuge underground,

and with a noble army at the helm,

this Master Builder will thwart the Kragle and save the realm,

and be the greatest, most interesting, most important person of all times.

All this is true because it rhymes.

 Okay, so I borrowed that one from The Lego Movie, but it’s funny. And it played a key role in the foundation of the story and bringing the characters together. See, prophecies are useful. 😉 Hence why, when I was scrambling for a plausible explanation for why Ebony should be the “special one with face of yellow” (note: Ebony does not have a yellow face. Just thought I should correct that), I hit upon a prophecy. But but but, in my defense before you judge me, I’m not relying solely on the prophecy. I have an explanation why she was the Dragonborn and not anyone else. But I won’t tell you right now because it’s sort of like a plot twist. Okay, now you can judge me. 🙂

And this is my prophecy for The Dragon Pendant, the Dragonborn Prophecy. It foretells of a terrible day that is the end of the world unless a Dragonborn arises and ends it (but no one even knows what a Dragonborn is because there’s never been one).

The time will come.

Seek for the Dragonborn.

The one who holds the power lost.

The one who makes the stars dance.

The one to right the wronged,

To repair the broken,

To return the stolen,

And to restore the dying.

The hope of the world.

The hope of all the worlds.

The one foretold. The one to come.

The day, the year, the time

It has come now, not before

The fifth among us will end it.

The Apocalypse will bow before them.

And if you do what must be done,

If you right the wronged,

Repair the broken,

Return the stolen,

And restore the dying,

You will have done what no one has ever before done,

And been what no one has ever before been.

You are the only Dragonborn.

And sorry Vitruvius, all this is true even though it doesn’t rhyme.

Have an awesome weekend, you guys!

~ Kat

What are some of your “classic” building blocks? Do you have a “one thing” you often turn to when crafting your plot?