So far, I’m really enjoying working with this character, the sidekick for The Dragon Pendant. First impression… well, she seems just plain rude, but as you get to know her you understand her more and see past the “rough exterior”. But she and Ebony together are ying and yang, the feisty and the cool.

Grelka has taught me what it really means for your characters to take the helm. She says things that I couldn’t have come up with if I worked for half an hour. I know because I’ve tried before, and those crisp comebacks fell limp and lifeless. But for some reason, when I started writing as fast as I could, the characters were forced into the creating process because goodness knows I didn’t have time to slow down and do it, and Grelka just let fly. It’s been really weird and kind of unnerving, but I won’t complain. 🙂

Ebony Meets Grelka

[After a long and exhausting foot march, Ebony reaches the stone bridge between one kingdom and the other just as night falls]

Halfway across the bridge, something caught her attention. A sound, barely audible, more noticeable for its inconsistency with the rest of the night noises than any actual sound of itself. She tried crouch behind the protection of the stone wall and sneak forward, but her body simply refused to cooperate. Pushing herself back up to a standing position, she edged forward.

Nothing happened. Nothing jumped at her or tried to catch or eat her. Her feet found soil on the other side, and a strange creature or person stepped directly in front of her.

Ebony screamed. Her nerves, stretched as they were already, unraveled. The little creature leaned back, as if attempting to escape the sound like it was a wind.

“Easy now, human,” it said, crossing its arms in front of its tiny chest, “I was only curious, that’s all.”

“What – what are you?” she stuttered. The creature, or person, was less than half her height, and that was pretty short. As she struggled to make her out in the darkness, she was pretty certain that, though its face was mostly humanlike, its ears swept up high in little points like bat ears, and it had leathery bat wings on its back too. Its skin was brown and leathery like the wings, and the rest of its body was relatively like a human’s, if much too small.

“I’m a Remling, can’t you see?” it demanded irritably.

“I don’t know what a Remling is. Other than you, obviously.”

“What kind of person doesn’t know what a Remling is? Other than you, obviously,” it retorted.

“Who are you, and what are you curious about?” Ebony asked, leaning back against the bridge wall for support.

“I’m Grelka, and don’t you dare call me little squirt or chickie. I bite.”

Ebony held up her hands. “Okay, okay, I won’t. I don’t like people calling me things like that either.”

“Most don’t,” Grelka said tartly, “but then the call others those things anyway. I’m curious to know why anyone is crossing this bridge alone. I mean, you’re either brave or stupid. Or maybe just ignorant.”

“I’m looking for a man called Melchior.”

Grelka squinted up at her in the darkness. “Jumping jaguars! You’re looking for him? Are you nuts?”

“Yes, but I need to find him. Even if he’s as nasty as everyone makes him out to be, he’s the only person who can help me.”

Grelka shook her head. “I think I’ll go with stupid and ignorant. Melchior is nothing special. I’m sure there’s someone else who can help you.”

Normally, Ebony would have been hurt by her words, but she was too tired now. “Well, oh well, I’m sorry, he is. I need to get home, and I need to talk to him to find a guy I need to talk to so I can go home.”

Grelka pursed her lips, considering this. Then she shrugged and nodded. “Okay, we’ll just leave it at nuts. And maybe desperate too.”


Don’t misjudge Grelka too soon. This is the first scene you see her in, and there’s character development in store for her *rolls up sleeves*. You’ll probably see it show in other snippets or if I post the whole story when I’m done. <- On that, should I? What do you guys think?

Anyway, have a great rest of your week!

~ Kat