I read this inspiring Oh My Disney post (9 Disney Moments That Will Make You Believe You CAN Even) a while ago. I appreciated what they said at the beginning, since the popular phrase “I can’t even” bugs me personally.

The phrase “I can’t even,” while tempting to use as a catch-all reaction to life’s difficulties, is just honestly inaccurate, and do you want to be that guy who’s always telling lies? We’re here today to tell you that you CAN, in fact, even, and we have the inspirational Disney moments to prove it.

They’re pretty good (though I think some of them make more sense if you’ve seen the movie, lol), but the first one is actually my favorite, despite the fact that I have not seen Mulan.

When Mulan Gets the Arrow

I’m with OMD on this one – I think this is symbolism, since we’re told that the weights Mulan uses as tools to climb the pole represent discipline and strength. You need them both to achieve great things.

Mulan (the movie) could suck as far as I know (or, honestly, care), but this symbolism I think is really inspiring. I like to think of my dreams and goals as the arrow that I’m climbing for. And I’m determined not to give up.

So, we CAN do this! And after a little Disnspiration (<- made that up just now, can you tell? 😉 ), let’s get down to business. Pursue our dreams, write our novels, reach our arrows… or whatever.

Thanks for letting me share my Disnspiration (and dumb made-up words) with you! 🙂

~ Kat

P.S. Color me weird, but I really like the chorus of I’ll Make A Man Out Of You. It’s poetic and I mean, anyone who says something like “mysterious as the dark side of the moon” is bound to have me on a platter. <- So yeah, color me weird. 😛