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I know I’m overdue for an update (working on that), but meanwhile I’m dropping in with another snippet from The Dragon Pendant. 🙂

Gotham deals with wizard attacks (who are surprised to find that on Earth they have no power to feed their magic)

The entire police force of Gotham was busy. The story was the same everywhere: men in brown robes and carrying staves, speaking in Chinese and tazing people, though some complained of having been attacked by a butane-lighter-bearing brown-robed man. One woman even claimed that the man’s staff was some sort of water gun with freezer coils installed in them, as she said it had sprayed her with a film of snow.

TV channels were flooded with baffled weathermen and scientists, all showing filming of the same sky, swirling gold and pink with stars beyond.

“This is a phenomenon never before documented,” a perky news anchor told the camera with a serious, slightly concerned expression. “People are saying that this might be something bigger than a simple freak weather occurrence, and that the attacks in our streets are caused by it.” The camera switched to show policemen taking down an angry wizard.

“Experts are meeting right now, determining the possibility of this being an actual close encounter. What do you think, Eric? Do you think this could be a paranormal invasion from intelligent extraterrestrials?”

The camera looked at nervous man in a blue suit sitting at a mahogany table. “Well, Michelle, I’m not sure. But I’ve never seen or heard anything like this before! Check this out: one man tried to taze a whole squad of police officers, and he didn’t speak a word of English. The same thing is happening all over Gotham, and the city’s police department has their hands full coping with this unusual issue. If you ask me, I do think aliens are the only likely explanation.”

Quick fingers found the button and switched off the television. Ebony’s parents exchanged glances.

“Is it really the Gate, do you think?” her mother asked.

“I barely glimpsed it when we came through, but I’ll never forget it. And here, over Gotham? It has to be. Nothing else makes sense.”

“But why the attacks? And do you think these men are part of that cult? I do not understand.”

“We have been gone fifteen years,” her father pointed out. “We don’t know what might have changed.”

“Do you think… Ebony’s disappearance has anything to do with them?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve made every call I can, but the police are swamped and no one knows anything. What can we do? Melchior had the Gate sealed behind us. We cannot go back. We can only hope and pray that Ebony will come back alright.”

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