Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

I hope you’re having an awesome day, maybe hanging out with family and friends over turkey, or chilling with pizza an a movie. 🙂

I just want share five (completely random) things I’m grateful for.

1. Senses I was originally going to put “the sense of smell” on here, but realized how grateful I was for my eyes as well, and my ears… There’s nothing quite like the smell of wood smoke in the crisp air, or the sight of frost-gilded leafless trees, or the sound of the wind rushing around the world. #Grateful!

2. Warm blankets I love blankets. With a passion. But the ones with fuzziness and soft polyester-ness are the best. I have this huge queen-sized fuzzy blanket specimen that is just. wonderful. Cozying up in it when I’m cold and on winter nights is one of those simple treasures! #Grateful!

3. Rain I never thought I would say this, but after everything that’s been going on in the south with the droughts, and after a delightful dry summer… well, I’ve found I actually like rain – in its own way and in downpours rather than drizzles. Not to be picky, of course. I’m just simply #Grateful!

4. Computers As a writer, and one with slow fingers and a fast brain, I can’t imagine handwriting all my stories. I probably wouldn’t write anything close to as much as I can with a computer. Even typewriters seem like they’d be near impossible to write on, especially if you’re doing any extensive noveling. Let’s just say I feel tremendously sorry for Tolkien… #Grateful! 🙂

5. Chocolate I know this isn’t technically one of life’s necessities, but it is soooo good, and sooooo comforting! I think it’s one of those optional necessities, if you know what I mean. 😀 #Grateful!

So those are my five random things I’m grateful for!

What are some random things you’re grateful for this Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Kat