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December 2015

Ashes On My Wings

I have ashes on my wings. Sometimes, I think the fire has burned away my feathers too (but it hasn't). But I know what the fire is for. The fire cleanses. It burns away impurities and makes way for something... Continue Reading →


Monday Meme #20

I'm kind of ridiculously proud of/excited to share/giddy with delight over this one... Sad, I know. :S Allow me to provide a short disclaimer: No, I have not watched the movies. Yes, the ring image I used is from the movie. No,... Continue Reading →

Ancient Fire

Continued... (for a full list of the parts to Ancient Fire, click here) (Previously: Elad and Lottie made their way through the booby-trapped burial crypt, Death's Deep, to the last resting place of King Harad who had reputedly stolen Fyre... Continue Reading →

My Head Is Full Of Things Untold

My head is full of things untold Of stories yet to be Of singing songs inside my mind Of visions I have seen I have seen a flower blooming So glorious and bright I’ve seen the sun set in a... Continue Reading →

Monday Meme #19

The phoenix is a symbol of renewal, and just like the phoenix, we can find a new beginning. We can rise from the ashes to a new dawn. We can become more than we've been. (inspired by my real-and-raw posts... Continue Reading →

Dear Self: I Know…

Dear Self, I know you're afraid. You're afraid of being completely real and authentic. You're afraid of vulnerability. You're afraid to trust anyone with yourself because you've been hurt so many times. I know. It's scary. It hurts. You're afraid... Continue Reading →

The Monster In My Closet

I crouch, my back to the opposite wall, eyes locked on the closet door. I know what he is now, and that he's in there. I know I need to get up. I need to walk across the room, innumerable... Continue Reading →

Monday Meme #18

Thank you for your stout words, Gimli. But it is also good to remember the wisdom of Elrond's response: "Maybe... but let not him vow to walk in the dark, who has not seen the nightfall." Happy Monday, everybody! ~... Continue Reading →

The Best Novel Is The One That Never Gets Written

When I first began writing in earnest (type it out on the computer and all the nine yards earnest), I would spend days weeks months agonizing over which story of the ideas bouncing around in my head I should write. Which... Continue Reading →

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