For better or worse, NaNoWriMo is over. No matter how much you wrote in that month, you’re a winner. You learned things, and what’s more (and the biggest accomplishment of all), you tried. You made the decision and took the plunge and shot for the moon. And so here’s to you, because we did it.

“Here we are, on top of the stars. Never thought we’d ever get this far!” – Moments Like This, by The Afters

This moment is like nothing else. Savor it, treasure it, and remember that no one can steal the joy you have now, because you did this. 😊

“I am a Master Builder!” – The Lego Movie

I love this one. No matter who you are, you created something from nothing, using just the tools of your imagination. You embraced what was unique about you, poured you’re soul onto the page, and made something.

Happy end-of-NaNo, everybody!

~ Kat