My-Head-Is-Full-Of-Things-Untold meme

My head is full of things untold
Of stories yet to be
Of singing songs inside my mind
Of visions I have seen

I have seen a flower blooming
So glorious and bright
I’ve seen the sun set in a color song
Heralding the night

I have heard the dancing wind afar
Playing in the trees
I’ve heard the birds together casting
Their song upon the breeze

I have smelled the air of spring
Rain and earth and seed
I’ve smelled the whole world waking up
Like the princess from her sleep

I have felt the pulse of growing life
Rising from the ground
I’ve felt it reaching for the sun
To strengthen life newfound

The world is rich with unclaimed treasure
With plenty more to spare
Reach for the life that’s racing by you
And catch it if you dare

~ Kat