After who knows how many years of constantly giving, giving, giving, pouring myself out into a black hole of “the greater good”, clinging to the vague belief that giving everything in me would revitalize me…

I’m waking up.

Because that’s not the truth. The truth is, in order to give, you must have.

In order to give love, you must have love for yourself.

In order to give grace, you must have grace for yourself.

In order to give time, you must have time for yourself.

In order to give freedom, you must have freedom for yourself.

And so on…

I spent myself, running myself ragged, telling myself it was rude, wrong, and selfish to slow down or take time for myself. But now I’m realizing I have to take care of me, too. I’m near rock bottom, and now I realize that before I can help others, I need to help myself. It’ll pay off in the end (the taking care of myself), and I’ll have more in my energy and supply banks to give. But for now, I need some serious first aid.

So, I’m introducing…


This year, “for me” is no longer an invalid reason to do something. If I want to take a shower but I just took one yesterday and don’t need one today – take the shower. Stop being too practical. I don’t intend to do anything stupid or foolish, but I do intend to Let Go and be a little less Nazi about practicality. If I want to do yoga, I’ll make sure that I make the time for it. (those are both real-life examples 😀 )

This year, I’m making a commitment to me.

Dear Kat,

You have the freedom to take time to take care of yourself. If you need some alone time, take it. If you want to read more, do it. If you want more time to write but can’t find it, make it. This is the year that you make revitalizing, reenergizing, and reinvigorating YOU a priority. You need to take care of yourself just like you would anyone else. So tell life to make some room, because you’re taking back over.

Love, Kat

I invite you to join me if you want. I’d love to hear if you do! You can leave a comment to let me know, send me a message via my contact page or email morethanivebeen(at), use the hashtag #yearofself, pin my image, whatever you like (I don’t know – I’m making this up as I go 🙂 ) or not at all. We can do this together! Don’t be afraid to take care of YOU!

Viva la vida!

~ Kat