This awesome fellow blogger over here is hosting a story contest! Read the guidelines here, and watch the video introducing his new business here!

The story contest is to help provide funding for the necessary licensing and stuff for his publishing studio (which is an incredible and revolutionary idea). I’m participating mainly because I totally support his venture and not because I expect to win (I have literally THE WORST luck with contests). But if you’re the “in it to win it” sort (rock on, bosses), there is a $150 prize for the winner, and the top three stories are featured on the blog, visible to upwards of 20,000 people! The deadline for submissions is February 25, so you have just enough time to squeeze in your 500-word short story.

Check it out, and help get Endever off the ground!

~ Kat

P. S. I was going to post this a week or so ago, but life’s been so crazy I completely forgot! My apologies to you for making this such a time crunch. 😦