Remember that challenge story I wrote, What Brothers Are For (part I and II)? Well, I forgot something I was going to mention in introducing it, something I can’t believe I forgot. I was going to credit my inspo for it!

“‘That was the secret of secrets,’ said the Queen Jadis. ‘It had long been known to the great kings of our race that there was a word which, if spoken with the proper ceremonies, would destroy all living things except the one who spoke it. But the ancient kings were weak and soft-hearted and bound themselves and all who came after them with great oaths never to even seek after the knowledge of that word. But I learned it in a secret place and paid a terrible price to learn it…'”

Don’t ask me why, but that line always intrigued me. What was the “terrible price” that Jadis had to pay? What could be so awful that even she, who did not balk at destroying every living thing in the world simply to claim its rule, would consider it terrible? And where (or to whom) did she go to learn it?

This obsession never truly left me, only simmered on the back burner for several years until this challenge came along. And then I needed a really good motivation to make a realistic, human, relatively likable main character to kill his own brother. But (being the sort of writer I am) I really wanted to make said brother at least as likeable as the main character; someone you couldn’t believe would be killed.

Need for good motivation + Deplorable Word from The Magician’s Nephew = mission accomplished.

Did you ever have something from a book that intrigued you to the point of near obsession? What are your thoughts on Jadis’ mysterious “price”?

~ Kat

P. S. For those of you doing Camp NaNo, I am too for the first time (both months… at least, I plan to)! I’d love to connect with ya! Also, check out my dare (take it or leave it, of course). 😀