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May 2016

Monday Meme #38


The Sythian Legacy: Introducing The False Prophecy

So I finished The Wanderer's Fate tonight. In almost exactly 30 days I wrote just shy of 50,000 words: an accidental personal NaNoWriMo. Now I'm introducing the third and (I think 😉) final edition to The Sythian Legacy series: The... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Kat!: More About Me

So, today's my birthday. It's also my blog's birthday (isn't that cute. It was totally an accident). In honor of that, I thought I share more about myself. 🙂 If you've been following me for a long time, there's probably a good... Continue Reading →

Monday Meme #37

Just a thought for today... Free yourself. Forgive yourself. Let go of the past. Keep moving forward. ❤ Kat

Writing: My Philosophy

{Note: This post is purely my opinions and feelings. Please do not feel like I'm telling you how you should act or feel. I only want to provide a window into my thoughts/feelings about writing... and my personal philosophy} Almost... Continue Reading →

What If You Knew When You Would Die?

While writing my story (the one whose working title was Shade's Goblins but is now officially named The Wanderer's Fate), I was dealing with this character who knew via a foretelling of her future that, within a year of meeting... Continue Reading →

Monday Meme #36

This one comes with some context. If you've ever read The Mysterious Benedict Society, you'll recognize the quote. But for those of you who haven't, I encourage you read it. 😉 There was this problem on a quiz the main... Continue Reading →

Writing Challenge: Why Did A Villain Choose Villainy?

Saruman from Lord of the Rings. The Duke of Weaselton from Frozen. Messala from Ben-Hur. They all have one thing in common: villainy. But what I'm wondering is: why? What made them be anything more than average person like you... Continue Reading →

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