So, today’s my birthday. It’s also my blog’s birthday (isn’t that cute. It was totally an accident). In honor of that, I thought I share more about myself. 🙂

If you’ve been following me for a long time, there’s probably a good deal about me that you just picked up on your own. But there’s still some stuff you might not know (hehe). 😛 I noticed how much a loved it when other bloggers shared personal stuff/get to know me posts and things like that, and then I realized how little I’d ever done that with you guys. So here we go, talking about… me.

  • My Meyers-Briggs letters are INTJ (though my T is right on the line). According to popular legend, this has me sharing letters with J. R. R. Tolkien, Elsa, and Batman. I’m in.
  • Top fictional characters I’m most like include: Go Go (Big Hero 6), Vidia (Disney Fairies), and Elsa (Frozen). So smush all those together into one big picture and there you have a pretty good picture of me. 🙂
  • Other than writing, I have like literally no other real interests/hobbies. I have halfhearted things I do, but nothing else I’m truly passionate about. <- probably a little pathetic. I do writing. ‘Nuff said.
  • I don’t like Harry Potter. In a cynically calculating kind of way. I can reel off a good ten other books I’d rather be reading without even thinking. (wanna know which?? I love to give book recommendations, so just ask. 🙂 ) If you’re ever interested (riigghhhtt), I’d be happy to share a treatise on my reasons why.
  • My biggest dreams include: self-publishing some of my stories (eek, and having them first edited and a cover designed and even layout arranged by freelancers!), making a couple really good (lifelong!) friends, having a nice long extensive visit to the UK (touring castles, anyone?!), meeting N. D. Wilson, learning some sort of martial arts, and learning to fence.
  • I am seriously the world’s worst chess player. Seriously. I’ve only won once in the last several games I played with my brother. I don’t play with anyone else because they go too slow. 🙂 And until like a year ago, I didn’t play at all, which brings me to my next point.
  • I’m the sort of person who knows my own limits (and am pretty accurate at guessing with things I haven’t tried yet whether I’ll be any good at it or not). I don’t like to (as in, most of the time won’t) participate in things I’m bad at, because I can’t enjoy it. I get frustrated when I can’t get the hang of something, and I like to just jump in, not to spend all my fun time having other people trying to explain/give tips/help me gimp along. So I resist stepping outside of my limits. However, I’ve been stretching myself recently, and have surprised myself a couple of times by having more fun than I expected. 🙂
  • One of my biggest treats sounds pretty awful to a lot of people: I like to be absolutely alone in the house. I can be alone in my room with other people in the house, but it isn’t the same. I know this sounds crazy, but I can feel them, the tension of hurrying about their lives, the actual noise of their work and talk, the feeling of being in a bubble in a hurricane of action. I like it when the house is empty and it’s just me (the dogs don’t count; sorry, guys). Me, my thoughts, my writing, whatever I feel like doing, and the silence and peace. As I said, it sounds awful. It’s not that I don’t love my family – I do! – but I just need my space every now and then.
  • My favorite music genre is “soundtrack”, preferably Disney. It’s my go-to for music, listening to the either music pieces that perfectly capture the mood of a scene or to the songs of princesses… or the like. (I also like the soundtrack from Thor, so obviously it’s not strictly Disney… of course, Disney does own Marvel, but whatever)

On that random note, how about we wrap up? That’s all I can think of at the moment (of course there’s a hundred little things, like how I hate to wear shoes or about the game “King and Queen” my brother and I used to play, but I think I’ll skip that for now 🙂 ). See you next time!