When I was writing a recent head story, What Was Lost, an interesting interchange took place. It came out of the blue, preaching a truth I’ve been wrestling with for some time. The lead, just rescued by the good guys from a sticky situation, tells the tragic story of her growing up/losing her family to the villains/battling for her life to Vessa (the woman looking after her) and Raul (the future mentor character and leader of the good guys). Vessa leaves to get her some food, she’s on the verge of tears and trying to hold on till she’s alone. Raul notices this and he says, “It’s alright. You’re here. You don’t have to hold it back anymore.” To which she mumbles, trying desperately not to lose it, “I don’t want to be weak.” “Heroes always cry, Sil,” he responds. “It’s what shows they still have a heart. Tears are the blood of the soul. When we’re hurt, our soul bleeds. There is no shame in tears.”

I think (as is usually the case with things one writes oneself), that he had a good point, a truth I want the world to hear and believe.

Tears are the blood of the soul. When you’re hurt, just like if someone physically stabbed you, you bleed – soul blood. Tears. 

There is no shame in tears!

I could also extend the metaphor, exploring how when you’re cut or injured, it’s good to let it bleed some, because that flushes out the bacteria and nasties that might have gotten into the wound. When you’re hurt in your heart, you need to let the soul-blood spill out to cleanse yourself. It’ll save you horrible infections and worse problems/injuries down the road.

Don’t worry; she gets her parents back from the bad guys and I give them a happily ever after. 😉

Just a little thought for today.

~ Kat