This was inspired by/is a replica of a blog post the lead in my current head story, Rise of the Hecates, made.

What if magic is real? What if we’ve been wrong all this time that we believed it was just fiction – a myth? What if we’ve allowed our eyes to become blind to the truth?

Maybe it’s not just a fairytale. Maybe it’s not being naivë or or making a fool of ourselves to believe in magic. Maybe all it takes to see the magic that’s waiting for us is a little belief. Maybe fairytales are more true than we think. 

Those stories had to come from somewhere. Humans just aren’t that creative (sorry; harsh, but you know what I mean). We’ve proven many things about our kind over the centuries, and one of them is a basic lack of original thought. We copy nature or other people or principles from the universe, expanding on existing ideas. True invention is arguably impossible. So what seed started those fairytales and stories of magical wonders? 

What if we’ve lost something over the years, something we once knew but chose to forget (or that apathy let be forgotten)? 

Science. The modern religion. Somehow, they say, it proves magic erroneous and impossible (<- a weighty word thrown about far too much). But what if science is magic (heresy!)? Who’s to say that magic won’t follow strict predictable laws and rules and patterns? Maybe there is some magic out there, free and available to human manipulation and use; maybe it’s all locked in place in our pet “science”. Maybe there truly is no such thing. But… What is the real difference? Eventually, we’re talking about terms referring to an idea. Maybe the two  terms can mean the same idea. Maybe they’re related. Maybe one is true and the other false. Who knows? It’s enough to make you dizzy just thinking about the possibilities. 

Maybe magic isn’t just science we don’t understand yet; maybe science is just magic we think we understand. 

Mapping the dreamscape,

Indiana Jones the-real-not-Harrison-Ford

{Note: the character’s name/sign off are actually from the story. Her name factored into the theme of being who she was not what she felt she was supposed to be. I don’t know why Indiana Jones, except that I’m weird that way. “Mapping the dreamscape” comes from her blog name, which was exactly that, because it was about exploring crazy ideas and dreams in words. As aforesaid, I’m weird that way}

~ Kat