Hi everybody!

*clears throat nervously*

So this is my big announcement. My biggest news yet since STARTING THE BLOG. I know it’s taken me a while to actually get up here and tell you, but waiting just builds the anticipation after all, right??

*half bored, half tense silence*

Okay. So this is it:


*drops mic*

^^Yes and that was totally cool and suave and professional presentation^^

*picks mic back up*

[slightly calmer] Anyway, so my novel, Mastermind, will finally see the light in a prefessional-worthy form. I’m working with a program called My Dream Book Team that helps connect freelance service providers (professional cover designers, editors, etc.) with authors needing their services. I’m actually using founder Timothy Pike’s Conciarge Service that I got in on a special group discount. This was the final kick that actually got me moving forward on my dream of self-publishing. Left to my own devices, I might never have gotten around to actually trying to navigate the compicated treacherous waters of the self-publishing industry. This, though, helps walk you through the process and hopefully will help me figure out the ropes to move forward more on my own. I hope to continue to release books in future! Now, to address a few things:

When will it be available?

Current estimation is around October 20th. Put it on your calendar, peeps. I’ll keep you updated and in the loop as the process moves on. (Also check my Twitter for updates @JustKatness)

Where will it be available?

On Amazon, mainly. I will also link to it on my blog when it is available for purchase.

What formats will be available?

EBook and paperback both.

So what is it about, exactly?

In a short unofficial summary:

After an accident on the back trails of her family’s Texas ranch, twelve-year-old Alex wakes up to find herself alone in a strange place. A mysterious Phoenix meets her and sends her to save three worlds from darkness before she returns home to life and her family. All Alex wants is to go home. But after she sees the worlds, she begins to understand…

Her life has always consisted of blacks and whites: life and death, tangible and intangible, fear and… She’s not quite sure what the opposite of fear is. Courage is an overrated and unachievable commodity possessed only by a lucky few, and she can’t find any way to break up her emotionally destructive relationship with fear. Of course, it’s never really mattered, never been life or death, until now…

Alex must journey through hair-raising dangers and unnamable horrors, facing the darkest parts of herself she’s avoided for so long, to save the worlds and herself in the process. Can she master her own fear and use it, or will she finally admit defeat? Will she succumb to the easy road and darkness, or will she somehow find the courage to sacrifice everything for what she knows, deep down, is right? And when she must finally face her darkest side, how can she hope to make the stand alone?

So there you go – that is what this is about. Note that it is also Fantasy and is targeted for all ages but specifically 11-15ish.

So you’re publishing a book; that’s great. But what about after this?

I have many novels in the works (always), some of which I hope will see the light one day. However, that said, I do not intend to bind myself to a strict schedule of release nor ask my writing to support me monetarily. While it would be nice if I made money, I do not want to put the pressure on my creativity to be a green factory. Also, as currently the rivers in my life do not golden run (Tolkein’s words, not mine), I can’t guarantee when exactly I’ll have the resources to pour into a new novel at any given time. I will only release quality material, not simply paste a first draft into CreateSpace and publish like so many other “novels” that give self-publishing a bad name. This means cover designer and editor at minimum. These things add up fast, not to get too detailed on this. All that to say that I won’t be saying “I intend to release a book every year from now on”. Writing is my happy place, and I want it to stay that way, to never become a source of stress or dread. Like any artist, I also want to share my art with the world. Where these two meet, there will I be. As I am able and as fits with my commitments to myself, I will be back with more novels for you. 

And that’s it for today, folks! I’m so excited and nervous for this next step, and can’t wait to see where it goes. Adventure, here I come!

If you have any other questions at all, or just feel like saying something, please comment below and I will answer you as best I can.

❤️ Kat