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July 2016

The Dragon Pendant // Chapter 4: The Covenant and The Dominion

{Where we last left our heroes: Karliah sent men to escort Ebony to her, and Ebony went with them. Melchior made a sinister assertion that Ebony would come to him because she could not stay away...} Chapter 4: The Covenant... Continue Reading →


Recap, Thoughts, And Dove Commercials 

(Dear Grandma and my other loyal story followers: I'm sorry I missed the last post of The Dragon Pendant, I really am. But at least I have a pretty strong alibi, right? 😉) (Doing a sort of Thinking Out Loud... Continue Reading →

Magic Or Science: An Exercise In Semantics 

This was inspired by/is a replica of a blog post the lead in my current head story, Rise of the Hecates, made. What if magic is real? What if we've been wrong all this time that we believed it was just fiction... Continue Reading →

Monday Meme #42

I spent all day yesterday helping with our friend's firework show until after midnight, so I didn't have a chance to post this. So we have a 4th of July Monday Meme on Tuesday July 5th. Because obviously. From within or... Continue Reading →

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