Hello. It’s me. Nice to see you again! Boy, have I missed you!

So I should explain my basic LACK OF PRESENCE on the blog this last… month… or so. In short, I was terrifically UNINSPIRED. Yup. I had Writer’s Block, blog edition. In a major way. Ever since I started More Than I’ve Been, I’ve never been short for ideas of what to write, always having dozens knocking around in my brain. Shortages of time, yes, a lot, but never such a prodigiously empty mind.

HOWEVER. I have not been completely inactive, not even creatively. So what have I been doing, you ask?

YES. (Side note: I love Ultron. He’s beyond hysterical. He is like the most preciously perfect villain of ever, except perhaps Loki) MOVING FORWARD. My evil plan.

I have been binge-watching basically EVERY SINGLE MARVEL MOVIE EVER MADE. Okay, okay, let me explain. 1) I’d never watched them before and 2) my Mom does not like action movies and she was out of town for the week, which allowed us to cram in #allthemovies. So yes. And I have to say, Marvel knows how to hit me in the feels. Thor: The Dark World, anyone?? Or Captain America: Winter Soldier??? *Takes moment to go sob in a corner* But that was only one teeny little week out of the time of my MIA voyage to Jupiter (which actually didn’t happen, but it probably kind of felt like it to you guys as much as it did to me :O ). Here’s more of what I’ve been doing:

I’ve been binge-writing! BOOM! Surprise!!!! I bet you didn’t even see that one coming! Ahem. Anyway, so I have tons of projects/partial projects that I’m trying to complete by November, or the end of the year at the latest. And somehow, the list magically keeps getting longer. First, it was two. Then it was five. Now it’s… Let’s not count. I don’t want to know.

I’ve checked off several so far, including Follow Every Rainbow, which turned out to be almost twice as long as I first expected, so there you go. I’m currently actively working on two projects simultaneously: Ice Princess (the sequel to Follow Every Rainbow) and The Girl In Black, which I observed sounded like yet another one of those ever-popular “girl” books (e.g. The Girl On The Train). For those of you who don’t know and are interested, or actually, just because you are my victims and I’m going to make you listen to me jabber about my stories ad nauseam, here’s a recap on the plots/concepts.

Follow Every Rainbow is a sort of YAย Urban Fantasy novel about Nymphs (but you can’t really base any of your idea of them off of the traditional mythical beings, because I CHANGED THEM. Muhahaha! Basically they’re like small humans that can shoot magical rainbows and grow moss in their hair and eat only mushrooms once a month). They have been forced into hiding by an organization called NEST (Nymph Eradication and Scientific Testing), who is hunting them for extinction purposes and to experiment on them to hopefully (for them) find a way to steal their magic. They are holding the MC (Isa)’s parents prisoner for their evil purposes. It’s basically about her learning that she’s a Nymph, getting her powers, rescuing her parents, crippling NEST, you know, that sort of all-in-a-day’s-work hero gig. Oh, and did I mention, HUGE FEELSY SUBPLOT. This stretched me so much, but the end result was soooo #worthit. I’m mucho happy with it!

Ice Princess is, as I said, the sequel. It continues the story with the final destruction of NEST… but not before some weird mind control happens to Isa that makes her attack (and get scarily close to killing) one of her friends, and march off to face the bad guys alone, which is clearly a fight she is doomed to lose. Which she does. And then she becomes the bait for an enormous Nymph trap. Oh, and I forgot, NEST now has a device thingy that can rob Nymphs of their powers, called Tartarus. And it’s immune to their powers destroying it. Good times. *rubs hands together in glee* *cackles like an evil warlord*

The Girl In Black was never supposed to be. It’s aย  (*clears throat*) YA Paranormal Sci-Fi Dark Fantasy novel. Not surprisingly, it was a combo of several inspirations I got all at once and I was like: “wait… take this… and this… and put them TOGETHER… !!!!!!!! Soooo happening!” And that was how a story that was NEVER on the docket to be written is being written on the sidelines right now. It’s about this character who’s an assassin (that’s the MC: Xinia aka the Girl in Black aka Sam [to some people]). She was cursed as a baby as a result of her father’s interactions with a Djinn, and ever since she was ten years old, her touch is lethal. It basically rips your soul out of your body. The story takes place in a future world where lethal weapons of any kind are outlawed in America (except, of course, to the people who don’t mind breaking a few laws anyway), and there’s all sorts of cool (also illegal) sci-fi gear/tools/James Bond-y gadgets. It involves complex layers of organized crime + traitors + death + people with agendas trying to use the main character and co. She joins forces with Cage, a guy who because of [super secret thing I’m not going to spoil here] is immune to her soul-ripping thing and possesses the power to travel between realms (which is like spiritual realms; involves lots of evil demons, ghosts, monsters, pagan goblin creature things, more demons and more ghosts, and a realm home to the Djinn. Oh, and obviously, death). The only way to be free of a Djinn’s curse is death. Cage’s plan is to help her die without dying, to pass through death (via the realms), and come back all nice and free from the curse. But of course, IT CAN’T BE TOO EASY. So yes… Plus, they’re working on a timeline with basically no plan and no idea of what they’re doing. NOTHING CAN GO WRONG WITH THIS, am I right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Xinia is very sassy and swashbuckling. And Cage can read people’s souls (so he knows exactly what you’re feeling and what your truest self is like). I’m enjoying this story a ton.

For NaNoWriMo, I’m writing The Tenth Muse, which I will babble and gush and ramble about all to itself when it’s time is closer. For now, let’s just confess that I’ve had it planned since last December and have been plotting it ever since.

The Sythian Legacy is another series I’m working on completing. I’ve written The Wanderer’s Fate already, but Miranda’s Giants, the story that started it all, is going to have to be completely reworked from the ground up, into The Sealed Chink. The third book of the series, The False Prophecy, is currently a WIP. The whole thing is WAY TOO ENORMOUSLY MASSIVE to summarize, so if you want you can check out me blathering about Miranda’s Giants here instead. It kind of gives you an idea for what the whole series is like. I want to finish both The Sealed Chink and The False Prophecy by the new year, buuuut… I’m not sure that’s happening. Especially considering…

Untold Stories: Cat And Dog. This is a novella I have planned to write which I will share either on ChapterBuzz or on my blog or equivalent, for reasons that will become apparent. It connects my stories Ancient Fire and Mastermind (coming out this October!!!). Alex and co (Mastermind) meet Lottie and Elad in this epic tale of friendship and curses and all that blah blah blah. Basically, Elad isn’t really free of the Witch’s Werewolf curse after she dies, and they have to find a way to truly cure him as he is gradually turning permanently into a Werewolf. Their journey brings them to Earth and throws their path across Alex and everyone, and the rest of the story I will SAVE and let your curiosity BURN LIKE THE FIRES OF ETERNAL DAMNATION until I get around to telling you. Haha, ahem. At least, I know my curiosity would burn like that. Side note: Does anyone else have a sensitive insatiable unquenchable curiosity??? I AM BROKEN. I cannot stop being curious once I begin. Ugh.

ANYWAY. (Anyone else think I’ve said that word too often in this post?? Oh well…) Other activities I did include: actually deciding to have a semblance of a social life and hanging out with my cousins for an almost week; eternally walking dogs at the Humane Society; reading somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 books because I’m discovering my inner bookdragon; researching random educational stuff for writing purposes (like napalm, the Pentagon, Tasers [which included what it felt like to be tased, effects of being tased, Taser barb removal, and authorization for carrying a Taser], and the average cost of a hotel room. Oh, and forgery. Don’t be worried. Haha, actually, maybe you should be. ALWAYS FEAR WRITERS); editing my manuscript after the first pass of prof. editing; playing occasional video games with the bro; and because I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it enough, WRITING. I’ve written so many words this year its scary and I don’t want to count but I kind of do. By the end of the year, I will be a writing goddess and make myself a crown of laurels and sit on a golden throne surrounded by books and a laptop with an infinite battery life and eat chocolate and bless supplicating writers with my goddess powers. That sounds like a pretty good gig, right?

Oh, and we also repainted my horrifyingly baby blue room (Disclaimer: that was never my color choice) to be a delightfully amazing delicious incredible luscious gray. Because when it comes to color, this is seriously me:

Image result for the lego movie "your mind is so prodigiously empty" gif

I think I might be Batman in another life…

What about you? What have you been doing? I’d love to hear, as always! ๐Ÿ™‚

~ Kat