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October 2016

Monday Meme #50


Introducing: The Tenth Muse – My 2016 NaNoWriMo Novel

Oh yes, and I'M JUST LINKING UP WITH LIKE MY FAVORITE BLOGGER OF EVER! 'Course, a bunch of people are too, but no matter. And you want to hear all about this too, amirite? I must needs revisit it myself... Continue Reading →

Monday Meme #49

The meme I've wanted to make for oh so very long. For all the non-yogis out there, "namaste" is like a yoga buzz word (it serves as a sort of misc. filler word; greeting, farewell, blessing, cuss word (probably -... Continue Reading →

I Execute My Teddy Bear And Get A Pet Dragon 

Because my life didn't sound enough like a book. So I titled my post like a chapter. But it really did happen (sort of). Like this: This is Emma, my childhood stuffed animal pal, being hanged for... I don't know,... Continue Reading →

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