Because my life didn’t sound enough like a book. So I titled my post like a chapter. But it really did happen (sort of). Like this:

This is Emma, my childhood stuffed animal pal, being hanged for… I don’t know, being dusty and covered in dog hair? I love how one paw is stretched out as if in supplication as she dies. Also, because I’m sadistically grisly like that, her gallows is over the head of my bed. Gross. At least she’d only bleed stuffing, if anything.

See? True story. Over my bed.

Now, really what’s going on here (What? You honestly thought I’d attach a plastic hook to my bedroom ceiling over the head of my bed for the sole purpose of grotesquely hanging my stuffed animals?) is that I’m decorating. Not even with grotesquely hung teddy bears. In time, a dangling star lamp thing will go from that hook to fuel my nocturnal reading/writing habits. But first (*theatrical drum rolls, please*), WE MUST SEE IF THE HOOK CAN WITHSTAND GRUELLING TESTS. WILL IT HOLD? OR WILL IT FALL?!?!  After 3+ hooks cracking under the pressure, we decided to kind of warm the hook up to the task. But so that in case it gave out in the middle of the night, we selected a soft, rather squishy test subject so that I wouldn’t have my brains knocked out in my sleep. Emma was volunteered for the job, and so she hangs thusly. So far, so good. Maybe all the hook required was a sacrifice???

Also, I got a dragon. A black dragon I’ve named Alexander. Because that’s what he looks like. And also after Alexander the Great probably or something.

Here he is. He guards me while I sleep to make sure enterprising knights don’t carry me off. Isn’t he adorable?!?!!! (Don’t tell him I said that; it might offend his dragonish dignity)

An up-close shot, because hard as he tried, Alexander couldn’t take a selfie. I did it for him (aren’t I nice?).

Another post coming (hopefully) soon. I want to taaalllkk about the Casting Crowns concert I went to last night. Also, I will probably soon be able to reveal the cover for my upcoming novel, Mastermind (!!!!!!!!!!). It’s looking a.MAZing so far!!! I can’t wait.

Anyway, see ya folks soon!

~ Kat