(I hope you fellow bookworms got that reference – last line in LOTR)


So it’s been… a while… months… I’m not sure I really want to know how long… BUT I’M SORRY! It’s kind of embarrassing to admit this since I’m the author and all, but I’ve had Writer’s Block, the blog strand, real bad. And honestly it was kind of nice to take a break for a while and just not. think. or stress about the blog.

But I’m back to thinking! Yay! And blogging. Still Writer’s Block though. But I have a lot to catch you up on for now, so let’s get started. I’ll split this into a few different posts, so buckle your seatbelts, and thanks for hanging onto the ride during the long stretch of radio silence! ❤

Okay, so first off: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! I hope your years are all off to a bang up rip-snorting good start. I decided that, because I don’t have enough life experience to help lend authenticity to my stories, I should really find out what Pain and Injury is like.

Also note and duly appreciate: my hair is blue. Or it was. Now it is green, thanks to the ravages of time, water, and semi-permanent hair dye.

Yup. This was a first for me. After a deeeelightful day sledding (it was awesome fantastic glorious, I promise), I lost my hat up the snowbank at the end of the slopes. I attempted to parkour up the slope to reach my hat, to no avail. Running start? Nope. Clawing at the hard-packed snow for handholds? Even the snow was laughing at me. As I balanced there, partway up, trying to figure out what to do, a little girl (who had just come down and was at the top of the bank) asked if I needed help. I turned to her with a cordial, relieved smile and said, “Yes, actually, I do.” And instantly became a prophet as I was slammed into from behind by another sled. There was a sickening hollow pop from my knee and I went down hard. I remember my knee flopping around like a deranged fish, not at all like it was supposed to. It felt so, so, so very wrong that I couldn’t stop screaming. My scream didn’t even sound like my own, it was weird. Also, I was in a lot of pain.

The best part of the experience was this: a bunch of total strangers at the sled park heard my screaming (not much of a miracle in that, though) and came to help. I didn’t realize at the time how much I wasn’t there – I remember almost nothing of what happened, just islands of memories. People asking it I could feel/move my toes. Stretching my leg out. A blur of kind voices and capable hands. One of the guys had medical experience. Between them, the adults (along with my sisters and friend who were sledding with me) got me onto a long sled that had handles on either side and carried me up and to the car, and lifted me into it and got me situated. The medical guy said I was in shock and to make sure I stayed conscious (I scoffed inwardly – I had been in shock down at the bottom of the slope but now I was coming out of it, and I was definitely in no danger of passing out. Only later did I realize how right he was). One of the other guys gave us his phone number and asked us if we’d text him what the hospital said. “I’d really feel better knowing how it came out,” he said. It was all so sweet and amazing, the trouble these people went to, who didn’t even know me, without hesitation or complaint, and just helped. I’m so touched and grateful!!!!

I’ll skip all the long deliberation (X-ray, MRI, orthopedist, etc.) to determine what exactly had happened (I’d thought I’d dislocated it, and there was questions of torn ligaments). Long and the short, I dislocated my kneecap, nicking off a piece of leg bone in the process, and it put itself back in. I sprained a ligament and cracked my kneecap. I’m in a “knee immobilizer” and on crutches and couch-rest for another 2 1/2 weeks (5 total weeks since the accident – phew! I’m already going cray-cray!), and then I see the Orthopedist again and will move to physical therapy. I will not need surgery, thankfully (that was a possibility if I’d torn the ligament and they had to reattach/replace it).

Anyway! Thought I’d break you in with the boring stuff first and warm you up. If you’re still with me… here.


Cake for you.

(Also as a tribute to Portal 2 for occupying me for 2.5 days of my confinement and confetti thank you to that as well you are much appreciated)

Other life updates include:

I’ve started reading more!!!!! In case you thought I wasn’t doing anything in my non-blogging time, I was! And it wasn’t all writing! #SHAME!! Anyway, I’ve been wanting to make more time for reading, and over the last year I’ve been working on that. I binge-read books like most people do TV shows. I will read a book almost non-stop all the way through until I’ve finished. I’ve read a lot of books recently, and so opened a Goodreads to help me keep track of my (woefully small) TBR. Thanks to Cait for all the books that I do have on my list!!! I have very similar tastes to hers, and her reviews are excellent – they give you a very clear idea of what to expect without spoilers! Following Cait = best internet decision I’ve ever made.

A sample of the books I’ve read recently…


(Note: 1. Most of these are part of a series and most of those I’ve read the whole series, 2. I’m aware that the one I have for Wings of Fire is book 3 while all the other series feature book 1, but that’s because book 3 is my favorite and from Glory’s perspective and I’m a lot like Glory, 3. WHY DO THE GERMANS ALWAYS HAVE THE COOLER COVERS?!?!?!? I mean, why is that fair?? I want that cover, and I had to read a copy with a very boring and uninspiring one instead (I also got the prettiest edition covers for my collage so I’m sparing your eyeballs from Bad Cover Trauma #YourWelcome), 4. I’ve become an enormous cover snob since following Cait, so apparently she’s wearing off on me. #DontCare #CantStopWontStop)

Also, because I want to, here’s a couple quotes from my recent reads I liked so well I saved them:

“‘You’re the hit man.’ Mr. Gray had the good grace to look efficiently startled. ‘Oh. And you’re the daughter. Blue.’ ‘The one and only.’ Blue fixed a penetrating gaze on him. ‘So, do you have a favorite weapon?’ Without missing a beat, he replied, ‘Opportunity.'” – The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater

“If you know anything about children, dear reader, perhaps this will not surprise you. Perhaps you know that one of the greatest dangers in life is growing up pretty. You see, when you are very pretty, people tend to remark on your looks. They smile at you more easily. They are more permissive of your faults. Soon, you come to believe that your prettiness matters, and that you are better because you are pretty, and that all it takes to get through life is a batting of your eyelashes and a twisting of your hair around your little finger, and that you can scream and pout and shout and tease because everyone will still like you anyway because you are so unbelievably pretty. This is what many very pretty people think. Beware, then, for this is how monsters are made.” – In A Glass Grimmly by Adam Gidwitz

“‘Haven’t you learned yet? A king acts so that others will act. Nothing comes from nothing comes from nothing. But something makes something.’ […] ‘I stopped asking how. I just did it. The head is too wise. The heart is all fire.'” – The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

“If you wear smiles like armor – If you put on personalities like clothes – If you can’t show the world all that you are – This book is for you.” – (dedication) The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows

Alrighty. I’ll sign off for now. And in case any of you old timers (I’m picturing hermit guys with long white beards and walking sticks right now and laughing) are wondering about my book, I will post about that soon! Stay tuned!

See ya!

~ Kat