IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited I could die! Except that would be a bad idea. But anyway!

Oh, and here’s what it looks like:


Isn’t it just GORGEOUS?!?!?! AND IT’S MINE GAH!

It’s actually been out since the end of November, but I haven’t gotten around to really promoting it. I’m not really big on telling people how awesome I am and bossing them about buying my stuff. That’s just… not me. But I would be so very happy/touched/thrilled/hyperventilating if you were so inclined to check it out and support me! YAY!!!

Here is the official summary (there is a book page dedicated to Mastermind, so if you want to think about it and come back later, never fear! You will not have to procure yourself a snow shovel and hunt through my posts to find this one. Just click on the menu bar at the top (if you are on a mobile device; otherwise it will be all the way to the left on the menu at the top of the page) and go to the page “BOOKS”. Mastermind will be listed there with links to the formats you can purchase).

Life for twelve-year-old Alex has always been black and white: life, death; good, evil; tangible, intangible. As a Texas ranch girl trying to keep herself entertained, she often flies off on imaginary adventures—safe adventures that she can control. But all that changes one day when, riding her horse on the back trails of her family’s ranch, she suffers a nasty accident, and everything goes dark.

Alex wakes up in a strange place, where she meets a mysterious Phoenix who tells her about three worlds in dire need of her help, and urges her to save them before it’s too late. At first, all she can think about is getting home. But soon Alex realizes why she needs to save them, and embarks on the adventure of a lifetime—while thoughts of going home constantly threaten to pull her away.

To save the three worlds—and stay alive—Alex must battle many fierce enemies: an evil dragon with magic powers, a conniving Heart, backstabbing nobles, and ruthless pagan tribes. To make matters worse, she is slowly fading into a ghost. With time running out, and fear dogging her every move, Alex races to save the worlds before it’s too late…for them and for herself.

(go here to buy Mastermind in paperback or Kindle)

Now, before I take all the credit, I have to give an ENORMOUS shoutout to Timothy Pike, the genius behind My Dream Book Team. This is a site that connects freelance authors with freelance service providers (cover designers, layout artists, editors, etc.) to help you find the right people to make your book the best product it can possibly be. I got a special deal on his VIP Services, which is where Timothy Pike works closely with you, the author, and the artists who will transform your manuscript. I was completely intimidated by the world of self-publishing; I knew a little, enough to know how little I knew of what I needed to know about the process. He walked me through it all, step by step, explaining what I needed, even helping me hash out a summary and bio (at which I epically suck)! This service was a life-saver, and is the reason I’m published right now. If you’re looking to self-publish, I HIGHLY recommend checking out this website. Also, I highly, HIGHLY recommend you join his newsletter; it’s been an incredibly helpful instructional resource, encouraging me and teaching me all sorts of stuff good to know before/while venturing into the realm of self-publishing. Timothy Pike and My Dream Book Team are all-around great resources that I cannot recommend enough!!

That’s it for now, folks! But if you do read Mastermind, I’d like to remind you that for me, as a freelance author, YOUR WORD HAS POWER. So if you enjoyed it, please kindly consider leaving a review, letting your friends/family know, sharing on Facebook, etc. Thank you soooo much!!!

See ya around!

~ Kat