I know it’s been a while since I posted a Monday Meme. It petered out during the Long Silence of Not Posting, because I didn’t want it to become all Monday Meme and The Dragon Pendant posts (FYI on The Dragon Pendant, I will start posting those again; somehow my calendar reminder got turned off and I’m not good at remembering on my own, soooo… that’s why you were left hanging. I’ll have to recap you real good. I don’t even remember where I let you off?? And I’m the author??? Flushed Face on Apple iOS 10.2). So. Here’s a meme for you.

sometimes-chances-are-meant-to-be-taken meme

From my latest head story, Black-Eyed Doe, this is something an Oracular Flower says (yes, you read that right and no, it’s not weird okay well it probably is but shh). Its referring to… several things. Relationships. Futures. Quests. Even pirating (but then, the whole story is about pirates so… not saying much. It’s a Blackbeard retelling). As a cynical, jaded (and often not much of a risk-taker) cantankerous person myself, this is something that bears reminding in my life. I don’t do chance-taking well. I like to measure the odds, examine my past experiences, project likely courses for the future, and make the safest choice possible.

Sometimes I need to just close my eyes and jump. Sometimes, no matter how much I’ve been hurt before, I need to stop thinking, stop being afraid, and take the risk. Because sometimes, chances are meant to be taken.

Have an awesome week, everyone!

~ Kat