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The next installment of The Dragon Pendant is coming, but before I post it, here’s a little refresher/recap on what’s happened so far…

Chapter 1: Ebony received her father’s pendant for her birthday and heard for the first time the full tragic tale of it… and her parents’ past. They come from another world, Mystra, where somewhere their first child, Ebony’s missing older brother, was left when her parents were exiled to Earth. They may or may not have been exiled because of the pendant (they’re not sure); a guy named Ohbi Whan gave it to them along with telling them to go to a guy named Coriarkin and recite the Dragonborn Prophecy, and together they would understand what the crafty mastermind Ohbi Whan was up to. They never got there. So they still don’t understand the significance of the pendant.

Chapter 2: Ebony attended her drama club meeting (rehearsing for a big play on Pocahontas) and was interrupted by a bizarre storm of some kind… or perhaps something worse. In Mystra, a bunch of wizards busy themselves opening a portal to Earth.

Chapter 3: Ebony got sucked into the sky, dragged by the pendant around her neck, and dropped among a group of unsuspecting wizards. One of the wizards tells her to seek him in Kyho Twon, if she reconsiders and wants his help. Karliah (the leader of something named the Covenant) sent men to escort Ebony to her, and Ebony went with them. Melchior made a sinister assertion that Ebony would come to him because she could not stay away…

Chapter 4: Ebony just met with Karliah, leader of the Old Covenant, and learned from her that the Covenant (and supposedly the Dominion, the wizard’s group) planned and hoped to take over Earth. The Great Dominion is like the left-field cult who want to wring every last ounce of magic (Essence) out of the world and then jump ship and take over Earth and rule over it with an iron fist. The Old Covenant wants to stop the wizards abuse of magic and to get the Dragon Stone back (which the wizards want to, but just so they can abuse its magic powers) and power the world back up; as a last ditch, they’re down for the jumping ship method, but Karliah says she’ll keep the wizards in line.

Chapter 5: Ebony got left in the care of a nice old priest, Yota. She talked to him and learned that Ohbi Whan was dead and no one knew where Coriarkin (her father’s old friend and an expert on Gates) was… except perhaps the wizards. He also tells her that Karliah thought Ebony had read her mind the night before, and hinted that she had far more power than she realized. Ebony went off to figure out what to do.

Chapter 6: Ebony decided to go to the wizards, at Kyho Twon, to try and track down Coriarkin (since he’s the only one who might be able to open the Gate to help her get back home, and also to complete the quest her parents never finished). On the way, she met a strange creature called a Remling (a bat/human/small personage) who introduced herself as Grelka.

Chapter 7: Ebony finally got her audience with Melchior, the leader of the wizards. He explains that the Apocalypse in upon them (the nasty thing in the Dragonborn Prophecy which says is when the Dragonborn would come – and that the Dragonborn is the only one who can stop it), and that it is because something called the “Dragon Stone” is missing and undermining the source of the Essence.

Chapter 8: Ebony agreed to go to the ancient burial place for wizards, Ling Chen, and search Ohbi Whan’s tomb for the Dragon Stone, which she thinks is in reality her father’s pendant. Melchior said that if she did that for him, in success or failure, he would help her find Coriarkin, and he also thinks that she is the foretold Dragonborn (since she was born in the Year of the Dragon and the stars danced for her like the prophecy said and stuff). With the wizards’ help equipping her with supplies, she prepared to set out on her journey.

Chapter 9: Ebony finds Grelka waiting for her outside Kyho Twon to see if she came out alive (which Grelka didn’t think would happen). Grelka wants to come with her, and Ebony agrees.

Chapter 10: Ebony and Grelka explored Ling Chen, only to discover the whole thing was a clever trap designed by Melchior, to trick Ebony without her reading his mind and finding out in time. He demanded to know what she withheld about the Dragon Stone (since he was certain she knew something about it and wasn’t telling him), and Ebony in turn cleverly gambled and checkmated the crafty wizard, but got herself captured.

Chapter 11: Grelka successfully escapes Ling Chen as Ebony instructed, carrying the pendant and Ebony’s magic staff from the wizards, and goes off to find Coriarkin alone. Ebony wakes up and finds she’s been tended by one of the wizards’ healers (bad burns and smoke inhalation and all that nbd), and meets a fellow prisoner who she realizes is her long-lost brother (which she doesn’t tell him because #awkward). He knows she’s the Dragonborn because he has dreams that are sort of prophetic, and helps her escape through a tunnel he’s been preparing for his own escape and stays to cover for her. She heads for the Forbidden Pass (where Coriarkin is), hoping to reconnect with Grelka and stop the Apocalypse and all that, nearly gets killed by a troll, which is killed just in time by Grelka.

And that’s where I left you off…

Oh, and also with this final teaser: stay tuned for MY FAVORITE TWIST OF ALL TIME BASICALLY coming soon to theaters near you! Eek!


I’m sorry. I will finish posting this story, and thanks to everyone who’s hung on this long. All the chapters link to the previous one and the next one, so you can follow the links to refresh your memory better if you want, or just give up on The Dragon Pendant (it wasn’t that great of a story to begin with, tbh. I just liked some of the twists and Grelka, really). Whatever. I won’t judge. 😛