This is not a lifestyle blog, nor is it a faith blog, nor a food or art or yoga or dog or photography blog. And it actually isn’t a Writing Blog. Per se.

So What Is It?

It’s me. Which means it’s focus is writing. But there also may be some life and dogs and faith and all that good time stuff. But no yoga. I don’t do yoga. I simply don’t want to be chained to a “writing only blog”, and I want space to be me. And like me, it will change, and progress, and grow.

Why The Name?

As the tagline suggests (Life and Writing in Forward Motion), the focus is forward, moving on, striving harder, climbing higher. I want a reminder that, no matter how disastrous I might feel right now (as a person, as a writer, as a sister and daughter and Christian, etc.), I am More Than I’ve Been. I might feel the size of a pea, but I was a pinhead before, and that’s progress. And as long as I keep striving for it, I will someday achieve potato status, right? Please tell me that’s an improvement? Great, I thought so.

I love the way N. D. Wilson puts it in his book Death By Living:

“We are all authors, creators of our own pasts, of the books that will be our lives. We stare at the future or obsess about the present, but only the past has been set in stone, and we are the ones setting it. When we race across the wet concrete of time without purpose, without goals, without laughter and love and sacrifice, then we fail in our mortal moment. We race toward our inevitable ends without artistry and without beauty.

All of us must pause and breathe. See the past, see your life as the fruit of providence and thousands of personal narratives. What led to you? You did not choose where to set your feet in time. You choose where to set them next.

Then, we must see the future, not just to stare into the fog of distant years but to see the crystal choices as they race toward us in this sharp foreground we call the present. We stand in the now.  God says create. Live. Choose. Shape the past. Etch your life in stone, and what you make will be forever.”

Life is in the now, moving forward incessantly, relentlessly, and looking back constantly is not the way I’m meant to live. So often I say or think “I shouldn’t have… if only I hadn’t… If only I had…”. But I need to remember that that has already been shaped, I’ve learned from it, and next time I’ll be wiser. I’m one step closer to the summit, to the grand view I’ve been climbing towards for 18 years. I’m More Than I’ve Been.

What To Expect… Sort Of

I guarantee nothing. In fact, my whole family has a long-standing reputation for being wary/cautious/have difficulty with committing to anything. We want flex room. And I’ve already promised not to tie myself to anything. But here’s some sketches I have for what I plannish.

I’ll share my own experiences, stories, advice, just-learned tidbits, and encouragement. I’ll be real here. Me, raw. My writing, very raw. My goal for the blog is to have a warm and welcoming atmosphere for newbies and oldies alike, where commenters can share their tips and tricks too, and we can all learn together.

Why I Started More Than I’ve Been

I freely admit (now) that I’m an unstable teenager. I’ve been going through a lot, from an arm injury that prohibited writing to insomnia, and right now, I feel sometimes like my world is crashing down. I have my faith to hold me, like an anchor, but sometimes you just feel so alone and washed up, like a fish stranded on the beach and left to die.

I started this blog to share my writing and for people to share their knowledge with me.

But also, I needed space. I needed somewhere where I could just be me. Where I could figure out who exactly “me” is. Things inside and around me have gotten crazy twisted up around here, and I realized I didn’t know who I was really (yeah, you can say it: identity crisis – big time!). But I had spent so much of my life trying to be someone I wasn’t, and so many different versions and types of someone I wasn’t, that I didn’t know what was really me. They say you have to lose yourself to find yourself. Well, I’m trying to do that.

I never really thought about how trying to work against who I was made to be could be wrong, but it is. I can’t defy my Creator. So who, what, is it that He made me to be? And what is it He plans for me? I want to follow that plan, wherever it leads, but first I have to find myself, my own unique identity in Him.

So I’m straining against the lies and falsehood I chained myself in, fighting to be free. To be me.

“I want to feel free to be who I am

What I’m about is more than I’ve been

I’m ready to show the world who I am

Start letting out what I’m holding in

Find my own place to stand

So I can be who I am


I’m closer to what I’m meant to be

If I try I know that I can get there

I’m not going to stop because I believe

That there’s so much more to me”

Who I Am, by Natasha Bedingfield

So we’ll see where this journey takes me. Thanks for hopping on!

I Promise It’ll Mostly Be Writing

In case you were getting worried, I won’t get all teenager-insecure-emotional-identity-crisised-negativity-etc. on you. It won’t be a life blog, except that I’m in this great thing called life and it kinda comes out sometimes. It will mainly stick to writing.


I’ve committed to be very real here. Painfully R.E.A.L. And so mayyybeeee I might eveeerrry once in a while get a teeeeny bit teenager-insecure-emotional-identity-crisised on you. So sorry if that happens. Welcome to me, I suppose??? So I hope I haven’t scared you off… :S

But I do promise it’ll be mostly writing. 🙂

Thanks for coming by!

~ Kat