I just thought I’d drop in with a few of my favorite things. Everyone’s different, so I don’t expect you all to be all over everything I’m all over, but I just like to share (or haven’t you noticed? 🙂 ). So…


I’m only just really getting into the blogosphere, but here’s a few I like.

www.mitchteemley.com This is one of my new faves!! He is such a talented writer and has lots of stuff to share. 🙂

www.whatinspiresyourwriting.wordpress.com Timothy Pike’s blog idea is a delightful and unique one. I have found several blogs from the writers who share via his blog, but even more I love reading about all the things that inspire my fellow writers.

www.adoptedlondoner.me Rebecca Longman shares her life “one footstep at a time” in a beautiful and colorful way. She is truly fun to read. 😉

www.sincerelyhil.wordpress.com Hil writes in friend-to-friend way. She shares her life, and inspires me to be my own person, no just trying to be what the everyone else wants me to be/look like/eat/exercise/relate.

www.cracksinthefence.wordpress.com Abbie, a childhood friend of mine, has a lifestyle blog with a homey feel. 🙂

www.attemptingauthenticity.wordpress.com Veronique doesn’t post often, but I love to read her posts. 😉


Well, lets start with all N. D. Wilson, but especially…

  • Death By Living
  • 100 Cupboards (the whole awesomesauce series!)
  • The Dragon’s Tooth (I’ve only read the first one, but I have it on good authority that the whole thing is good too. 🙂 )

I also like the Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings (thank you, Tolkien and Lewis, for planting the first seeds that started my fantasy-writing fire!).

Also, I like the modern British authors M. I. McAllister and Cherith Baldrey.

Some random books I like are:

-> Do Hard Things, by Alex and Brett Harris

->The Baby Name Wizard (weird, I know, but indispensable when in search of character names!)

-> The City of Ember series, by Jean de Prau

-> The Mysterious Benedict Society series, by Trenton Lee Stewart (loveloveLOVE those books!)

-> Ben Hur, by Lew Wallace ( a little lotta slow, but worth it in the long run, in my opinion)

-> Ranger’s Apprentice series, by John Flanagan (first 4 books only… Watch out for language; he gets a little salty occasionally, but nothing a touch of whiteout can’t fix 😉 )

As for writing books, I’m a bit… picky (this one I disagree with, that one is one long blue streak, etc. etc.), but I can recommend with no reserves James Scott Bell’s books, particularly:

-> Revision and Self-Editing, by James Scott Bell

-> Plot and Structure (by him ^ as well… his writing books rock, I think)

-> The Art of War for Writers (See note above)


I know this is highly influenced by personal taste, but here’s a few of my favorites.

-> The Lego® Movie (Um, Wyldstyle saying she likes The Lego Movie?? Yeah, she’s from The Lego Movie… go figure she likes it, I guess. 😉 )

-> Frozen (I know this is the latest thing since sliced bread in America these days, but I love it anyway, and not just because its popular. It seems to be a love it or hate it thing in my experience, though.)

->Maleficent (It does seem odd to have such an iconic villain of one of Disney’s most long-standing classics suddenly turn protagonist, but… Watch it, that’s all I can say. I love what they did with the fairytale and all fairytale expectations…)

-> Meet The Robinsons (FrostFamilyFave!)

-> Winnie the Pooh, 2012 (No, it’s not a kid’s-only movie and yes, it is good… cute and funny, anyway)

-> Race to Witch Mountain (If you don’t like action-y, car-chasing, gun-shooting type movies, skip this one)

-> Batman Begins (Since we’re on the topic of action movies, this one is really good! 🙂 )

-> Thor (This is one of my new favorite movies! It is the perfect blend of a complex plotline and good time action. It doesn’t rely, like so many other action movies, on the action alone to carry it through, but has a very strong plot too. 😉 )

-> Bolt (#1 FrostFamilyFrase comes from this movie. “Billy”. You have to see to understand… We R Billy 😉 )

Looks like that’s it for now, folks! I’ll keep adding as I keep discovering, so until next time…

~ Kat